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Target Gift Card Sale: Sunday, December 2, 2018

Target Gift Card Sale: Sunday, December 2, 2018


Just as I predicted, Target is having their annual gift card sale. And yes, it is on December 2, 2018, so you CAN use your 20% off coupon you hopefully received on Black Friday to stack your savings and rock your holiday shopping!

Baca Plan of Attack

My plan is to pick up some of the gift cards on December 2, and then use them on December 8 with the kids to do our holiday shopping. We usually have a kiddo or two from my family’s side (via a drawing), and then we picked out a couple of kids from the Angel Tree at church. I’ll add some groceries and other items to the list as we get closer so that we can really maximize our 20% + 10% off. (Make sure you read the exclusions before using the 20% off coupons. Sorry, kids, no Legos this year.) We’ll also use the Target app to scan each item and apply any Cartwheel deals.

Remember that the gift cards won’t be activated until December 3, so don’t plan to do your shopping on the same day that you buy them. You can also take advantage of this deal online, buying a maximum of $300 worth of gift cards (for only $270!)

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