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About Me

Hello, I’m Debra! My husband once remarked, “I think you love planning vacations more than the actual vacation!” Wise words, and maybe a little bit true.

I was born, raised, and still live in Phoenix, Arizona, and grew up taking family vacations to Disneyland. Now I love to share my love of all things Disney with my husband and two kids. We take trips to Disneyland at least once a year, made it over to the East coast in 2016 to introduce the kids to Disney World, and even sprung for annual passes to Disneyland in 2017.

Now, my goal is to spend back-to-back years of Disney starting in September 2019: Consecutive Annual Passes to Disneyland and Disney World. And they ain’t cheap. The highest level pass runs $1400 each for Disneyland, and almost $900 for Disney World.

While Disney is great, I do acknowledge that there are other places to explore, taking the family to places like Hawaii, New York City, Washington, DC, Costa Rica, and Yellowstone. I have a bucket list to visit every state in the US, and only have three more states to cross off. (Did someone say Alaska cruise?!) We also have our future travel sights set on other international destinations like Europe, New Zealand, and Cuba. Last year, my daughter entered 4th grade, and this year, my son does, so we are taking advantage of the free National Parks pass that is offered to every 4th grader in the country.

So I invite you to come along on my journey to achieve my travel goals and maybe you can learn how to achieve yours as well!