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Captain Marvel: Higher, Further, Faster

Captain Marvel: Higher, Further, Faster


On Sunday, we took a couple of hours out of our busy weekend to see Captain Marvel on opening weekend. We’ve been waiting for this one, and as Maggie said going in, “I like that there’s a girl superhero.”

Marvel’s First “Girl Superhero”

Yes, there was Black Widow, and then along came Scarlet Witch, but they have been relegated to secondary characters to the male leads. (Although Black Widow is scheduled to have her own origin story in the near future.) DC dove into the female superhero lead recently, and very well, with 2017’s Wonder Woman. Now, with Captain Marvel, we’re getting our first look at what the MCU can do with its super women.


One of the trailers showcased the relationship between Goose the cat and Nick Fury. Well, suffice to say, the cat not only steals the show, but is a major presence throughout the movie. Can a cat get an Oscar nomination?

90s Flashbacks

As a *ahem* young adult in the 90s, it was fun to flash back to all of my favorite things from that era, including the music, style, and pop culture. I laughed out loud several times when the film poked fun at the 90s or made cultural references. It was a fun trip down memory lane.

Strong Women

The title role is not the only strong female character in this movie. Carol’s best friend and her daughter enter in the second act and do not disappoint. Not to mention a fine performance from Annette Bening. I also love that the filmmakers didn’t feel like Carol needed a romantic relationship in this movie to make her interesting; she could carry the storyline without that pervasive Hollywood element.

Avengers: Endgame Tie-In

And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for: does Captain Marvel answer Nick Fury’s page? You better believe it! I can’t wait for April 26th to see how Captain Marvel helps the Avengers reverse the Snap!

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