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End of the Month

End of the Month


Here it is, the end of the month has snuck up on us. There are a few tasks add to your to do list in the next couple of days. Luckily, it is not the end of the quarter, so we don’t have as much as we did last month.

Grocery Store Rewards

While last month I was eager to use up my expiring Safeway rewards on grocery items, this month I’ve earned almost 10, so I want to use them for $1 off on gasoline, especially with the current price of gas so high. Unfortunately, I filled up the tank last week, and still have at least a quarter of a tank left. Hopefully I can use it up tomorrow with some errands so that I can get at least $17 off since our tank holds 17 gallons. If you don’t have enough for a full dollar off for fuel, you can always redeem for grocery rewards. I try to get at least $1.70 for each reward, since 10 rewards equal $1 off per gallon, and our largest tank holds 17 gallons. You’ll have to calculate what one reward is worth to you.

Swagbucks $25 Virtual Visa

Each month, I try to earn enough Swagbucks for at least one $25 Virtual Visa at a discount of 13% or 2175 SB. I have been very busy with other things this month so I haven’t been concentrating on Swagbucks, but I did have a healthy stash of SB in order to make this redemption before time ran out. With the new Member Recognition program, I was able to earn some SB back from a Swag Up.

Disney Movie Rewards Challenges

Be sure to play any Disney Challenges you have not yet attempted this month on Disney Movie Rewards. There was a new one that came out on April 15, plus the Marvel Challenge from the beginning of the month. You can add five bonus points to your account for each game you play. There are three each month, so you can add 15 points each month by playing all three.

Expiring Deals and Coupons

The end of the month is a good time to go through your coupons and emails to see if there are any deals you should take advantage of before they expire. Lucky for me, my Gmail account puts expiring deals at the top of my promotions box so that I can decide if they are worthwhile before I miss out on anything I may have overlooked.

What is on your end of the month to do list?

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