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End of the Month, February Version

End of the Month, February Version
Day 153/365

While there is an extra day this month, don’t let that lull you into a false sense of security. There is so much to do to wrap up before the next month begins, that I feel like I need a checklist to consult.


Each month, I try to earn enough Swagbucks for at least one $25 virtual Visa at a discount of 13% or 2175 SB. I’m happy I waited until now, though, because the Spin & Win with this month’s Swago has some Swag Ups for redemption. The flip-side to this coin is to check my virtual Visa account to be sure that I am using my Visa gift cards before they expire!

Grocery Store Fuel Rewards

Safeway Rewards

Last month, I ended up calling in to the Safeway Rewards program to get a receipt added when my husband forgot to type in the number. The customer service agent was so kind as to bump us up a couple of rewards due to that receipt, the fact that we go so often, and the story I told her about missing an extra reward by only a couple of dollars from a coupon in my just for U account. Turns out I didn’t have to try very hard to get up to 10 gas rewards, but she bumped me up so far that I now have two that I will have to use before the end of this month! I like that they can be redeemed for grocery rewards, and I like to look for redemptions that are $1.70 or above per reward (which is about what they are worth to me as fuel rewards), but that is difficult to find.

Fry’s Fuel Points

Way back at the beginning of the month (end of last month), Fry’s had a gift card sale over the weekend. Instead of purchasing in January, I waited until the calendar turned over to February so that I would have more time to use the points. Lucky I did since I earned two full rewards and would have only had a little over a month to use them. I had them earmarked for our Spring Break trip, but we are flying instead of driving, so I won’t need them. Now I’ll use one this week and the other next month.

Expiring Coupons

I keep all of my coupons in an index card case in my purse. A lot of manufacturer and restaurant coupons expire at the end of the month. Now is the time to use them or lose them. I tend to over clip, so most of my coupons end up in the recycle bin rather than the store register, but that just means I’m not buying that product at this time. If I need it in the near future, or it is on sale somewhere, I can use the coupon now before it expires, or I miss the double savings opportunity.

Expiring Offers

I used to keep all of my current Amex and Chase Offers on a spreadsheet by expiration date, but I found it too cumbersome to input, so I’m trying out a new system on my Google Keep app. I can jot it down with the terms and expiration and check it off as I use it. That way I still have a record of it, but it’s much easier to access when I’m out and about.

Expiring Deals

Some stores time their specials to close out before the end of the month. Check your emails for these expiring deals if any pertain to you. Gmail features the emails with expiring deals at the top of my promotions box. Thanks, Gmail!

Disney Movie Insiders

Oh, how I miss reminding you to play the Disney Movie Rewards challenges at the end of the month. Now we have its replacement, Disney Movie Insiders, which looks great, but is lacking in some functionality. Changed, too, is how you earn points from seeing movies in the theater, with time limits on manual submissions, and monthly point caps.

Changes to DMI Submissions

Disney Movie Insiders has changed how you can redeem movie tickets. First of all, you can only earn 500 points per month on movie tickets submitted manually. Second, you have to submit your tickets within 14 days of the showing. If you have a linked account and purchase tickets through Atom, Fandango, or Regal, you are good to earn as many points as you like, and you don’t have to worry about any time limits since your points are added automatically. Message received, DMI. You want us to use digital tickets! Well, I’ll be happy to as soon as they remove the service charges.

Manual Ticket Submissions

For calculations on manual submissions, tickets are worth 100 points each for regular showings, and 150 points for mega screen and 3D versions. This does not include my beloved Cine Capri. With all of the new movies coming out this spring, it may get interesting with a monthly allocation plus a 14-day window to work around.


Timesheets for my day job are due at the beginning of the month, and since I need to mail them, it’s a good idea to start them before the month is over. This is just another necessary task to add to my end of the month to-do list.

How Goes Your List?

I have some work to do figuring out how to use up my expiring Safeway rewards, filling up at Fry’s, and doing my timesheets. What do you have on your end of the month to do list?

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