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Frozen Sequel Sneak Peek

Frozen Sequel Sneak Peek


Last month, we sat down to watch Disney’s newest sneak peek, Frozen II. We are big Frozen fans, dating back to when the first movie came out, so we are eagerly anticipating what the characters from Arendelle are up to in this next adventure.

Darker Tone

This movie seems to have a much darker tone to it than the last one. Although I guess the ice queen freezing her own sister’s heart is pretty dark. The sequel seems to be filled with adversity, determination, and some unseen sinister foe. And who are those kids who could be Anna and Kristoff in miniature? So many questions to be answered before November! I love that Disney films are so good that they can create a mystery around their new releases without giving away the plot.

All Grown Up

Although they are Frozen fans at heart, my kids have had to practice in secret since it has fallen out of favor amongst their friends. Liking Frozen is apparently babyish and uncool to the elementary set, Elsa’s superhero-like powers and Broadway-caliber songs notwithstanding. After seeing the trailer for this sequel, this is not the Frozen of their preschool days. It is definitely more grown up and seems like it will be an epic adventure. Hopefully the Frozen haters will come around with this new, grittier Frozen II.

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