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Ting is a relatively new carrier that offers pay-as-you-go service. You can either buy a new device or bring your own. They don’t roll the price of the device into the service like other carriers. You can choose from either the GSM or CDMA networks, depending on your area’s coverage or your device’s preference.

Shared Blocks

One aspect that we enjoy is that you share the blocks of minutes, texts, and data with other family members, thereby giving you some cushion if you use a lot per month and/or not paying for services you don’t use. I really like this aspect. While we tend to spend a lot on data, we don’t use our phones for talk or text much, so we can save on those blocks. Each month’s phone bill is different, but it doesn’t vary more than $20-$30. You can also set the app to alert you if you are nearing a limit, and it delineates each device’s usage, so you can see who the culprit is using up all your data, texts, or minutes.


Try Ting using our referral, and we’ll each get $25 in credit, to use on a new device or apply to service. We’ve had great service and coverage with Ting, and would recommend them to anyone!

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