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Top 5 Mountains at Disneyland Resort

Top 5 Mountains at Disneyland Resort
Day 18/365 2018-2019

Today we’re counting down the best Disneyland Resort mountains, or rather, the rides associated with those mountains. We love all of the mountain rides, so it was not easy to decide which is best!

5. Grizzly Peak

Grizzly River Run

Grizzly Peak hosts Grizzly River Run and is number 5 on our list for a combination of wetness and motion sickness factors. You will get pretty wet on this ride, more so if you happen to be under the geyser when it goes off at the end of the ride. You might even think after you go down the last drop that you’re going to remain relatively dry, when BAM! the geyser suddenly goes off and either dumps gallons of water on the boat, or comes up underneath the boat! The raft spins dizzyingly at times, so take your Dramamine and find a fixed point!

Pro Tips

  • Use the lockers off to the left of the ride before you get in line. You can put all your gear in it to stay dry while you get wet. You can even change your shoes to keep your sneakers and socks dry.
  • This is a good time to put your phone in a case like this one.
  • If you didn’t change your shoes, look for the ledge under the seats that can keep your feet elevated above the raft floor.
  • Check this post for more tips for staying dry on Grizzly River Run

4. Space Mountain

Space Mountain, Hyperspace Mountain, Ghost Galaxy

Space Mountain is a classic Disneyland ride, combining a fast roller coaster and darkness for a thrilling ride. This one will activate motion sickness, and we like it best when it is transformed into Hyperspace Mountain but worst when it is Ghost Galaxy, so that’s why it only comes in at number 4. It’s also one of the few mountains that has a ride photograph, so that’s a bonus!

Pro Tip

  • Use Single Rider or FASTPASS for this ride to avoid long lines.

3. Matterhorn

Matterhorn Bobsleds

The Matterhorn is another one of those classic e-ticket Disneyland rides. It’s at number 3 because it always seems to be under refurbishment, although one of these overhauls included changing the cars so you don’t have to ride in someone else’s lap like you did in the old days! It’ll get your heart rate going with speed, thrilling curves, and the appearance of the abominable snowman growling menacingly at guests along the way. It now includes FASTPASS and Single Rider lines, making the waits more tolerable.

Fun Facts

  • One time we got completely soaked from the splashdown on the Tomorrowland side. This doesn’t usually happen, but cast members confirmed that it can occasionally!
  • The old yeti that once scared the pants off my younger brother now resides in the Collector’s Fortress on the Guardians of the Galaxy—Mission: Breakout ride at Disney California Adventure!

Pro Tip

  • Ask to ride the Fantasyland side for a smoother, slower ride and the Tomorrowland side for a faster, wilder run down the mountain.

2. Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain is the best of both worlds: a classic dark ride AND a great thrill ride. That drop you see from the front of the ride isn’t the only one, although it is the longest by far. And it’s not the one that will get you the wettest either, since some of the smaller drops and dips will cause water to slosh over the sides onto your shoes! Cast members will sometimes seat you so that your boat is more balanced, so don’t be surprised if they ask you to move seats when you get into the log, especially if no one else is in the boat with you. Don’t forget to snap a picture of your ride photo at the end!

Pro Tips

  • Ask to sit in the back if you have a little one riding with you so you can sit side by side. Get in first so your kid will be seen in the picture.
  • You’re more likely to get drenched in the front, especially if you’re an adult, but no seat is completely safe since water comes in over the sides of the log, too!

1. Big Thunder Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

“This here’s the wildest ride in the wilderness!” Our number one favorite is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. With its exhilaratingly tight turns, naughty goat, and explosive ending, it’s easy to see why we like it so much!

Fun Fact

  • We got walked off this ride from the middle of the first lift!

Pro Tips

  • Sit in the back for the best experience.
  • Time your ride during the fireworks show to ratchet up the WOW factor!

Honorable Mention: Cadillac Mountain

Radiator Springs Racers

Not traditionally considered a Disney mountain, the host of Radiator Springs Racers deserves a spotlight of its own. This ride combines a smooth scenic outside portion, inside dark ride with impressive effects, and a thrilling race to the finish line. Like all of Carsland, you’ll feel like you missed the interstate somewhere between Gallup, NM, and the Mojave Desert of California, and landed right in the middle of the movie. This ride comes with a photo taken just before you cross the finish line!

Pro Tips

  • Get your FASTPASSES early or use the single rider line.
  • The Cadillac Mountains really shine in the evening, so try to time your FASTPASSES to ride around sunset or after dark.

So how would YOU rank the mountains at Disneyland Resort?


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