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Fill Up Your Tank for Less at Costco

Fill Up Your Tank for Less at Costco
Day 17/365 2018-2019

I love Costco for so many reasons. Here’s another reason to love Costco: they deep discount their gasoline!

No Membership Required

You don’t need a Costco membership to fill up your tank at their gas stations. At the pump, the kiosk asks you to insert your membership card, but it turns out that a Costco gift card will work just as well! So grab that friend or family member who has a Costco membership and take a trip with them to pick up a gift card at the register. You can put any amount on the card, and it doesn’t expire.

Chase Freedom

If you have a Chase Freedom, you’re in luck because warehouse stores are getting 5x rewards this quarter. Our family has a Costco membership, but this quarter, I will use a gift card at the pump so I can earn 5x rewards on gas outside, as well as groceries inside!

Cheap Gas

It’s rare to find a gas station with prices as cheap as at Costco, so dust off that membership card or make friends with the neighbor who goes there each week and save some money at the pump!

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