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Top 5 Ways To Prevent Motion Sickness at Disney Parks

Top 5 Ways To Prevent Motion Sickness at Disney Parks


I’ve suffered from motion sickness my entire life, from the time when my family would drive through the Salt River Canyon to vacation in the mountains, all the way up to now when I get that not so great feeling when flying, riding in a car as a passenger, or, you guessed it, at theme parks. I’ve discovered a few tricks to help me along the way.

One certain way for me to fight motion sickness in the car is to drive. I discovered that little trick when I turned 16. Miracle cure! Another was when I was pregnant. Weird, I know, for my motion sickness to be cured even as I had morning sickness the rest of the time. However, at theme parks, every ride that even slightly spins can activate an attack. Luckily, I just feel icky, not nauseous like when I was a kid. So here are my top 5 tips for preventing motion sickness at Disney Parks.

5. Keep some food in your stomach

I definitely do better on rides if I’ve eaten a little. Not if I’ve eaten a lot, and definitely not if I haven’t eaten. So the key here is to maintain a good balance. Don’t go on rides right after a big meal or greasy snack since your stomach might already be stressed, and definitely don’t skip meals!

4. Don’t stack motion sickness activating rides

Mix up your itinerary, and don’t listen to your daughter when she asks you to ride California Screamin’ twice in a row. You will regret it! Temper a ride like Silly Symphony Swings with Pixar Pal-a-Round, Jumpin’ Jellyfish, and/or Ariel’s Undersea Adventure before you do the loop-de-loop on the Incredicoaster. Let your body have a chance to recover in between motion sickness-activating rides.

3. Take medication

Whether it’s a natural remedy like papaya and pineapple enzyme, or peppermint oil, or an over-the-counter medication like Dramamine or Bonine. Dramamine even makes a new natural formula that uses ginger. Find what works for you. I only use peppermint oil during flights since medications don’t seem to work for me, and I can manage my motion sickness with other methods.

2. Use Sea Bands

Sea bands take advantage of acupressure points on your wrist to help alleviate nausea. They are simple elasticized wristbands that have plastic nodules sewn in. The nodule puts pressure on the Nei-Kuan point on your wrist to help manage the nausea associated with motion sickness. I wear Sea Bands every time I fly, have to ride as a passenger in a car, or go on spinning or looping rides at theme parks.

1. Find a fixed point

One of our raftmates on Grizzly River Run gave me this tip, and I will be eternally grateful! Whenever you are on a ride, find a non-moving point on which to fix your gaze. Out of all of the other tips on motion sickness, I find this one to be the most helpful, and a game-changer for me on rides. I wish I had known this tip years ago, especially that day when Maggie asked to go on California Screamin’ twice in a row! Now, whenever we are on a ride that spins at all, she’ll turn to me and yell, “Fixed point! Fixed point!” Works every time!


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