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Two New Disney Challenges for May

Two New Disney Challenges for May


Where the heck did April go? And now we’re over a week into May?! Time slips by, for sure. Meanwhile, Disney Movie Rewards has two new challenges for you to play for some bonus points!

Marvel Challenge

Click here to find May’s Marvel Challenge and see if you can answer all eight questions correctly. I know I couldn’t, but I did know the answer to number four and five! I’m mean, who doesn’t know what Goose the Cat really is? Am I right?

Disney Challenge

You can go here to find the first Disney Challenge of the month. They go live every first and third Monday of the month, and you can play the old one until the new one goes live. You can find Disney Challenge under the Earn Points menu. The Marvel Challenge is a bit trickier to find. You have to find and click a banner with the Marvel 10th Anniversary Celebration on it and then go to the Marvel Challenge square on the Marvel 10 main page.

Disney Movie Rewards

The reason you want all of these points is that you can earn free Disney gift cards. I just turned in points from seeing Penguins and Avengers: Endgame, and as soon as they post, I’m hoping they’ll have some fun new hard plastic cards. With all of the new Disney movies coming out this summer, they’re bound to have some great new cards to match!

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