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2018 Top Nine

2018 Top Nine


Over on Instagram, everyone (and their dog) is posting their Top Nine. I went to the app associated with the concept and generated mine, too. It was very boring, with some of my Swagbucks and deals posts showing up as the most popular in my feed this year.

So I decided that I would make my own Top Nine. These are my nine favorite travel pictures of 2018:

1. Family Wedding

In July, we headed over to San Diego to attend Bryan’s cousin’s wedding. It was a blast! We rented a house on VRBO that was only a mile from the beach with two other cousin families. You can read my trip report here.

2. Tomorrowland

In February, we took our last trip on our Annual Passes to Disneyland. We had begun our year in January, 2017 and enjoyed an extra month free. I love this picture because the photographer got a little more creative with our poses.

3. Crater Lake

We flew to Sacramento to begin a National Parks tour on a long weekend in October. Maggie is a 4th grader this year, so she gets a free National Parks annual pass. We also visited Lassen and Lava Beds (our favorite). You can read more about our trip here, and the National Parks pass here.

4. San Francisco

Earlier in July, we flew to the Bay Area to attend Bryan’s uncle’s 80th birthday party. We tacked two days on the front end to explore San Francisco. We had done this on previous trip to the Bay Area and felt we needed a do-over of that failed trip. This one was perfect!

5. Mickey Feet

This is from our last AP trip in February again. We love seeing people’s creative pictures online, so we tried to make our own. The boy likes to do his own thing for pics!

6. Legoland

Every June, my husband has a conference in Carlsbad, CA, so we tag along. Legoland is right down the street. This year, we discovered the Lego MINDSTORMS where the kids get to build and program a robot to do little tasks. It was a lot of fun!

7. Pixar Play Parade

We used to watch this parade all the time when it was over at DCA. On our September trip, it moved to Disneyland and became much more popular. We still love it! You can find trip report, part 1 here, and trip report, part 2 here.

8. Jingles

In February, we made it our goal to ride everything in the two parks during our five day trip. There were a lot of things closed, but one that was open was King Arthur’s Carrousel. Maggie was determined to ride Jingles, and it took us a couple of tries to snag this most coveted horse!

9. Snow in Flagstaff

It took some doing, but we timed a trip to Flagstaff for some fun in the snow just last week! It was so cold to us desert dwellers!

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