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Amazon Limited Time Increased Cash Back

Amazon Limited Time Increased Cash Back


Swagbucks has increased their cash back for Amazon for a “limited time” today. If you have a purchase that qualifies, you’ll get a good payoff in SB!

“Up To 10%”

Make sure you check that “up to” wording. Not much on Amazon qualifies for cash back, and even less in the 10% range. When you click on the Shop banner, you can see a list of categories that qualify for cash back and the percentages they are paying. Be sure your purchase qualifies for one of those categories by reading the fine print description.

Act Quickly

Who knows how long this deal will be around? It’s probably best to jump on this one sooner rather than later. I would hope it would last at least a week, but it’s more likely only for a couple of days. If you wait, be sure to check that the payout is still increased.


I was curious if this increased payout from Swagbucks affected any other shopping portals, and sure enough, TopCashBack has increased their payout for Amazon as well. In fact, it looks like they’ve matched it across the board. If I were buying anything from Amazon during this deal, I would probably still use Swagbucks since their payout (at least for the first card of the month) is higher. If you’re earning more than 2275 SB per month, I’d go with TopCashBack.

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