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Disney Movie Rewards

Disney Movie Rewards


Two more Disney Movie Rewards Trivia Challenges went live today. The regular game is the first and third Monday of the month, while the Marvel game is new every first of the month. Each game is worth five points, so you can add 10 points to your total now by playing. You can also win 50 points if you have a high score, but most people on there have perfect scores, so I’m not sure how they accomplish that!

On the Disney Movie Rewards website, you can redeem your point total for great prizes. My favorite is 550 points for a $5 Disney gift card. These come in fun designs from our favorite Disney movies. Recently, DMR switched from hard plastic cards that came in the mail to egift cards sent electronically. However, the last couple of times I checked, they had some hard plastic cards available as well. Right now, they have a Villain Series left over from Halloween, along with a few Star Wars themed ones.

You can even submit your movie theater tickets for points. Most movie tickets are 50 points, with the 3D version worth 75 points, but sometimes DMR will run a special to get you to see a movie in the opening weekend. Then the tickets are worth double! DMR is running this promotion now for The Nutcracker and the Four Realms if you purchase your tickets before November 11, 2018.

November and December are great months to see new Disney movies and build up your points. Next up after The Nutcracker and the Four Realms is Wreck-It Ralph 2 on November 21, and Mary Poppins Returns on December 19. I can’t wait for all of the points to come rolling in. I’ve got my eye on some Star Wars gift cards!

If you sign up for Disney Movie Rewards using my link, you and I both can get 150 bonus points when you earn your first points from buying or linking movie tickets or buying a movie or music and entering the code.

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