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Disney Movie Rewards Is Getting a New Name

Disney Movie Rewards Is Getting a New Name


Last month at the D23 Expo, Disney Movie Rewards announced that they will be rebranding to Disney Movie Insiders. Here’s what we know so far.

Changeover Timeline

Take a look at the graphic below to see the timeline of the changeover to Disney Movie Insiders. As you can see, they’ve put lots of rewards on “clearance” until Monday. If you have any redemptions to make, now would be a good time. On September 10, 2019, redemptions will be unavailable until September 26 when the new site is due to be up and running.

Disney Gift Cards

I am happy to see that Disney e-Gift Cards will still be available as a reward. I figured out a while ago that they were phasing out the hard plastic cards, and I’m sad to see them go completely. However, I’m guessing those were too costly to manage with shipping and handling. Perhaps this is simply a sort of streamlining instead of scaling back.

Disney Challenges

The fate of the Disney and Marvel Challenges is uncertain. I’ll be interested to see if the second Disney Challenge of the month will be available on September 16 as scheduled, more so, if it is even part of the new Disney Movie Insiders earning structure in the future. The website assures us there will be new ways to earn and redeem, so that’s exciting, but I am interested in keeping the old ways, too! If you have not played the first game of the month or the Marvel Challenge for September, you might want to play before Tuesday. Looking at this list, I am least excited about a new mobile app. My phone has storage issues as it is; I do not need a new app!

Check Your Balance

Unless your account has been inactive for five years (shame on you!), it will automatically change over to Disney Movie Insiders. Just in case, you might want to screenshot your point balance this week so that you can dispute it if any mistakes are made in the crossover.

Three Things To Do Before Tuesday

  • Log in to Disney Movie Rewards, especially if it’s been awhile
  • Screenshot your points balance
  • Play any Disney or Marvel Challenges you haven’t done yet

You might also want to redeem for a gift card if you have enough points. This may not be necessary, but you never know if the redemption values will change or not. I went ahead and redeemed, so we’ll see on September 26th if that was the right move or not!

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