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Disney Quick Tip: Sit in the Mezzanine for Frozen

Disney Quick Tip: Sit in the Mezzanine for Frozen


Every trip, we make time to watch the Frozen performance in Hollywood Land at Disney California Adventure. It’s an amazing show, full of great music, fantastic effects, and daring stunts. I would argue it’s Broadway-quality. Now, I realize that some people are so over Frozen, but we can’t get enough!

Choose Wisely

When you enter the holding area, you will have to choose between the three levels of the theater: Orchestra, Mezzanine, and Balcony, although not every section will be open every day. Most people seem to think Orchestra is the best, but I’m here to tell you that we almost always pick the Mezzanine. Here’s why.

Why Mezzanine Is Best

The visual effects of this show play out in part using projections on the large curtains lining the sides of the theater. If you are in the Orchestra, you won’t have the wonderful overview of those effects and will have to turn your head to view them. Also, this show is very vertical in some of its scenes, where the actors rise above the stage level. Mezzanine puts you right at the perfect level to enjoy these scenes. Plus, you can usually walk up at showtime and still get a great seat in the Mezzanine, especially if you cross behind the sound booth in the middle of the section and find seats on the other side. Word of caution: don’t go down the aisle too far or the rail will obstruct your view.

When Orchestra Is Best

Okay, I said Mezzanine is best almost always. If you get in line in time to be one of the first to enter the theater when they start letting sections in, by all means, go for Orchestra. This means lining up an hour before showtime on a busy day or time, or 30-45 minutes ahead on lighter days.

Guests with Mobility Issues

Another way to guarantee a good spot is if you have someone with mobility issues in your group. Cast Members will allow that member of your party to wait on benches towards the front of the holding area. If you’re lucky, and it’s not busy, the rest of the party can wait with them. Otherwise, Orchestra is a big gamble, especially when there are a bunch of other people in front of you vying for those same seats in the front section.

Our Experience in Orchestra

The last time we were there, we asked if my mom could sit while we waited for the show to start since she has a hard time standing in one spot. We were directed to the benches and allowed to wait with her. Once inside the theater, there were just enough seats left in the front row for all of us! I’ll admit, it was fun to see the actors up close when they came out into the audience, but for the visual and practical effects of the show, the Mezzanine beats the Orchestra hands down.

How about you? Do you prefer to sit in the Mezzanine or the Orchestra for Frozen?

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