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[Expired] Fee-Free Mastercard Gift Cards at Staples

[Expired] Fee-Free Mastercard Gift Cards at Staples
Day 22/365

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Starting tomorrow, Sunday, October 20, 2019, you can pick up a $200 Mastercard gift card at Staples and not pay the activation fee. Pair this with a credit card that gets rewards at office supply stores, you can rack up your points this week.

Ultimate Rewards Strategy

I use my Chase Ink Business Plus to get 5x Chase Ultimate Rewards at office supply stores. While Chase no longer offers this card, you could use my referral to get the Business Preferred (which does not get 5x at office supply stores), and then downgrade to the Business Cash (which does get 5x at office supply stores), as long as you have another premium Chase card, like Chase Sapphire Preferred or Reserve to use your Ultimate Rewards for travel.

Get 5x Spending

The great thing about these fee-free Mastercard gift cards is that after buying them with my Chase Ink Business Plus (or Business Cash), I know that when I use them, I’m essentially getting 5x Ultimate Rewards points on all of my purchases. This is how I maximize my spending! 5x at the dollar store, 5x at the movie theater, 5x at Costco . This is where the beauty of the fee-free Mastercard gift card really comes into play.

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