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Galaxy’s Edge Opens at WDW Tomorrow!

Galaxy’s Edge Opens at WDW Tomorrow!


While we were lucky enough to have our opening of Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland first, tomorrow, Batuu East (h/t Shawn Coomer) opens at Hollywood Studios. They were supposed to be copycats of each other, but word on the street is that Black Spire Outpost at Walt Disney World is slightly different. Plus, they get to enjoy the opening of the premier ride, Rise of the Resistance, before we do on the West coast, but not for a couple of months.

Visiting Batuu West

We had a great time visiting Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge when we took a day out of our San Diego to head up to Anaheim. You really do feel like you are in a Star Wars movie with the theming and the way cast members interact with you. The kids were especially intrigued by Vi, the walk-around resistance spy. Maggie enjoyed playing with the interactive elements on my “data pad” via the Play Disney app. Cater probably would have liked it, too, but his sister pretty much hogged it the whole time. Next time we visit, I’ll give each of them an old phone with wifi so they can interact with the elements and let me use my own phone!

Great Photo Ops

I wish we had gotten more photos in more places while we were there. I felt like we got some great pictures, but then I see others on social media that I am dying to recreate. Also, we wore our matching shirts, but Carter insisted on wearing his hoodie the entire day, so it didn’t have the same impact. The photographer in this one tried to get the kids to peek around the corner, but they had a hard time getting the gist of his request!

Batuu-Specific Experiences

While we got to ride the Millennium Falcon three times, we didn’t really do any of the other key experiences. The kids are very anti-alcohol teetotalers, so they have no interest in going to Oga’s Cantina. Maybe when Bryan joins us in March, we can get a drink together while the kids play on their data pads in the rest of the land! I’m hoping that one of the kids eventually saves up the money for a droid or lightsaber, because those would be fun to do. Carter got two lightsabers at Disney World when we went in 2016, but one broke a few months later during an overly zealous battle. Maybe a $200 lightsaber wouldn’t be such a good idea after all, come to think of it.

Walt Disney World Ticket Sale

If you are planning to head over to Batuu East anytime between now and the end of 2020, have I got the deal for you! Get Away Today is having a sale on all of their 3-day or longer WDW tickets. Just use code WDWSALE for an extra $10 off each ticket at checkout. You do need to purchase your tickets before the sale ends on September 4, 2019, and I make a small commission if you use my link to purchase at Get Away Today, so I truly appreciate your support!

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