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New Disney Challenges on Disney Movie Rewards

New Disney Challenges on Disney Movie Rewards


Today is the first Monday of the month, so there’s a new Disney Challenge trivia game live on Disney Movie Rewards. If you missed it last week, there’s also another Marvel Challenge that went live last week. Play both of these games today to earn 10 points!

Fun Free Gift Cards

I finally earned the last point I needed for my $10 card. Unfortunately it was too late for my pretty Tinker Bell holiday card since they took it down right after the holidays. Instead, Maggie and I picked out two $5 cards instead: C-3PO/R2-D2 and Ironman. I really wanted the Ant-Man card, but it’s an ecard, so I don’t see any point in that!

Refer-a-Friend Ending

The Refer-a-Friend program for Disney Movie Rewards¬†ends tomorrow, so if you’d like to join using my link, we can both earn 150 points when you either link or upload a movie ticket or enter a code from a purchased movie. What are you waiting for? This is free money for Disney!

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