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Disneyland Raises Ticket Prices

Disneyland Raises Ticket Prices


Ironically, I just posted my goal update for our Premier Passports yesterday, and this morning, Disneyland raised their prices on every. single. ticket.

Yep. Even on the Premier Passports, which jumped $382 each overnight. That’s $1146.06 more for the three of us to get Premier Passports next year. (Fingers crossed they don’t raise the price again before September!) I gotta tell ya, I was expecting a price increase ahead of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening, but I didn’t expect it to be this high, especially on the Premier ticket.

Finding a Way Around

Last fall, I was trying to find a way around a price increase, perhaps by buying them ahead of time, before this price increase was due (which is a full month early). However, Premier Passports can only be purchased onsite at either Disney World or Disneyland. I would have purchased at least one when we were there in September and not activate it until the next year, but they need to be activated when you purchase, which is why you have to buy them in person. Something about the fact that the systems on the two coasts don’t sync very well.


So we have to raise our goal amount. I had already built in a buffer for food and souvenirs, so the new amount is not much more than my goal was at the start. I’ll just have to consider how much of a buffer to build in now that the price has changed. My math has definitely changed, too, and now annual passes to Disneyland plus one trip to Disney World no longer justifies the Premier Passports, although it may the next time prices for Disney World go up ahead of their SWGE opening. In the meantime, I guess we’ll just have to plan at least two trips to Disney World this year.

So much for our dilemma. On to other things.

Buy Tickets at the Old Prices

If you are considering a Disneyland vacation this year and don’t think you’ll be able to save up enough discounted Disney gift cards to cover the tickets, you can still save money by going through my partner, Get Away Today. They have a layaway plan (which does cost extra) that locks in current prices if you don’t have the money saved up yet. And when I say current, I mean the old prices before the price increase. They have a limited supply, so this is something you will want to look into now. Like, today. You can get an additional $10 off any hotel and ticket package of two days or more by following my link and entering the code 365Travel.

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