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Onward Trailer Reaction

Onward Trailer Reaction
Day 13/365

The newest trailer for the latest Pixar movie, Onward, dropped this morning, and since we got up early to get the kids to choir practice that we forgot was cancelled, we had a couple of extra minutes to watch it.

Awkward Premise

When we watched the teaser trailer for Onward, the movie looked cute. Magical creatures are living in modern times, and two brothers, played by Chris Pratt and Tom Holland, are going on a quest together. Imaginative, yes. Strange, maybe. Well, in this new trailer, we learn that the quest is to bring back their dead father for 24 hours, whom Tom Holland’s character has never met. Very odd. They use a scepter that the father left them to cast the spell, but it only works halfway, leaving the father with just legs. Cringeworthy. The scenes where they dress up his torso gave me a Weekend at Bernie’s vibe. {Shudder}

But It’s Pixar!

So this new trailer gives us, or maybe rather prepares us, for an awkward storyline to this new movie. I started thinking, this is Pixar after all. When have they ever done a bad movie, right? They are all winners, so there must be something to this new one if we can get past this weird, awkward, maybe a little bit icky, plot line. Who cringed at the premise of Ratatouille? Who wasn’t sure about the plot line of Inside Out or wondered if a movie with talking cars could work? Who even remembers Bolt? (My kids love Bolt.)

Going Out On A Limb

Will Pixar have another Bolt on its hands with this movie, or will they pull off the heartstrings-tugging, emotional overload, make-sure-you-bring-the-tissues, but-still-have-you-laughing-hysterically, all-the-feels-fest that made them famous? I guess we’ll have to see when Onward comes out in March.

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