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Save on Holiday Movies with Atom, Disney Movie Rewards, and Chase Pay

Save on Holiday Movies with Atom, Disney Movie Rewards, and Chase Pay


Last night, we decided to see Wreck-It Ralph 2 this morning before our afternoon Thanksgiving dinner today. Our local theater recently switched to reserved seating, and that has changed the way we get our tickets. Since we don’t want to chance not getting seats together, we have to either stop by the theater ahead of time or order them online, which has a “convenience” fee. Yes, it is more convenient to order the tickets online rather than having to fight the shopping district traffic, but I don’t want to pay a penny more than I have to, of course.

Linking Accounts

I recently opened an email from Atom tickets because I saw they were running a promotion to link your account with Disney Movie Rewards for 50 bonus points. This is another “convenience” since when you order your tickets online through a “linked” account, your points are immediately credited to your Disney Movie Rewards account without having to go through the steps of uploading them to the site. Normally, I just jump through these hoops to get the bonus points without ever intending to use the service.

Stack Two Promotions

However, Atom is running another promotion with the promo code “Gifty50” for 50% off your ticket. This only saved us $4.50 off of my $9 ticket, but that was enough to cover the $4.50 service fee. The one that was the kicker, though, was the Chase Pay promo. If you use Chase Pay to check out, you can get $7 off your order. Now you’re talking!

“Gifty50” and the Chase Pay promo are one time use only, but we were able to use them twice to get my mom and brothers’ tickets discounted through her accounts. Also, I had to download the app to my phone because Chase Pay was not an option on the desktop version of the Atom web site. I didn’t think to try to access the Atom site on my phone’s web browser, but that may have worked as well.

Linked Convenience

Both Atom and the other DMR-linked ticket broker, Fandango, are able to connect to my local theater’s reward system, so we got our points for that program, and since our accounts are connected to Disney Movie Rewards, our points from the movie tickets were sitting in our accounts after the movie was over. Seamless!

While I don’t like using services with convenience fees, when I can get a discount that effectively waives that fee, I am all about convenience!

If you use the links in the article or here, you and I can both earn 150 bonus points when you earn your first points from movie tickets or video purchase on the Disney Movie Rewards site.

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  • […] As I mentioned before, our favorite local theater has gone to reserved seating, so it has changed the way we go to the movies. Now I like to make sure we have our tickets well before we head to the theater to be sure we have good seats. The most convenient way to do this is to order online, but such services have a convenience fee. I’m very stubborn about paying more than I need to, so I would make it a point to go to that part of town, which is near a very busy shopping district, and make my purchase in person to avoid the convenience fee! However, with $7 off, that convenience fee is effectively wiped out, and I’m actually saving more than I would have if I’d purchased the tickets at the box office. […]

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