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Saving on Pedicures and Manicures

Saving on Pedicures and Manicures


Maggie and I decided to get pedicures today. Looking at my loyalty card to our favorite nail salon, it looks like we get them every six months. It’s a luxury we only indulge in twice a year.

Home Mani-Pedis

For the inbetweens, we keep a manicure kit stocked with the tools we need to do our own nails at home. Last time, I even recreated the pretty flower the technician does on Maggie’s big toes. We buy polish when it’s on sale and use coupons to update our arsenal of colors.

Saving at the Salon

To save money at the salon, we take advantage of their loyalty program and use coupons we receive from mailers. I get a pedicure only since I don’t like my fingernails polished, and Maggie gets the kids pedicure and then a polish change for her fingernails since it’s cheaper than a manicure.

Maggie and I really look forward to spending an afternoon together at the salon, and even though it’s an luxury, it’s one we don’t indulge in too often, and find other ways to save as well.

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