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Swago: Black Friday Edition (Dead)

Swago: Black Friday Edition (Dead)

53/365 This Swago has ended.

This week’s Swago is aptly titled “Black Friday Edition” because it is chock-full of stores to click through. As a matter of fact, the only leftover squares on this board are the ones for SwagIQ, redeeming your SB for a gift card, buying a gift card on MyGiftCardsPlus, and using the SwagButton to redeem a Swag Code. Easy peasy.


As a matter of fact, they’ve made it even easier by not placing a minimum on your purchase from MyGiftCardsPlus. If you choose to complete this square, be sure to do so early in the week to allow the transaction to process.


The rest of the board is also easy, although you will have to install the SwagButton extension on your browser in order to complete a lot of the squares, including the Swag Code one. If you see a square with a small i on it, you can click that for more information.


With a Swago like this, I usually just quickly click through each of the stores and close the window as soon as it is loaded and activated. You can refresh your browser window to see which squares you’ve completed to keep track of your progress.

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