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Target Gift Card Sale on Sunday

Target Gift Card Sale on Sunday
Day 67/365

Target is having their annual gift card sale on December 8, 2019. If you picked up a 20% off coupon on Black Friday, you will be able to stack your savings and rock your holiday shopping!

10% Off Target Gift Cards

Most people see a sale like this and think about the gifts they can give, purchasing small amounts or several cards, or not even bothering at all. However, I like to think of a sale like this as pre-purchasing my Target spending for the next several months at a great discount. Stacked with other deals, it only gets better.

$300 Limit

Target is limiting your gift card purchase to $300 per household, and it is possible that they will enforce this limit. In years past, I’ve always purchased more than that over separate transactions, but you will have to determine your own personal limit. Obviously, you don’t want to scan your app at checkout or anything which may trigger an alert. I may even use separate credit cards for each transaction.

Stack Your Savings

If you were lucky enough to get your 20% off coupon on Black Friday, you can stack your 10% off savings with your 20% off coupon starting on December 9 and going through December 14, 2019. Since we were traveling and visiting family, I did not take the time to get my 20% off coupon this year. I could have easily purchased a gift card online to meet the minimum, but I just didn’t bother. Plus, there was a Target store right down the street from our hotel… Oh well. It was time well spent, anyway.

Wait to Activate

Remember that the gift cards won’t be activated until 10:00am on December 9, so you won’t be able to use your gift cards on the same day you buy them. You can also take advantage of this deal online, buying a maximum of $300 worth of gift cards (for only $270!)

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