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Top Cashback Bonus Weekend

Top Cashback Bonus Weekend


This weekend, you can earn a bonus by clicking through TopCashback for an online purchase. You must complete your transaction before 6:00am on Monday, August 19, 2019.

Targeted Offer

I received an email for this offer, so it may be targeted. If you are already signed up for TopCashback, go to this link to see if you are eligible. You must activate the offer in order to be eligible to redeem it.

$5 Bonus on $15

While you are on the activation page, take a quick glance through the Terms & Conditions since they are excluding some merchants. Otherwise, any purchase of $15 or more this weekend should qualify for the $5 bonus. Remember that most merchants don’t include taxes and shipping costs in their payout amounts, so take that into consideration before you finalize any purchases.

Shopping Portal

If you didn’t already know, TopCashback is a shopping portal that pays you a bounty for clicking through their site before you make a purchase online. This can be a very lucrative way to save on things you were already going to buy. Your transaction will be pending for a certain length of time, and then you can cash out, sometimes to gift cards for a bonus. I always check with Cashback Monitor first to see which one of my favorite shopping portals is paying the most cash back.


If you sign up for TopCashback with my referral, you can start saving with them. I may receive a bonus for referring you, so thank you very much!

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