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Visa Gift Cards on Sale at Safeway

Visa Gift Cards on Sale at Safeway


Through the 26th, you can get $15 off of two $100 Visa gift cards and $10 off two $50 Visa gift cards by clipping the coupon in your just for U account at Safeway or other Albertsons branded grocery stores. This is a great deal, especially if you have a credit card that gives you rewards at grocery stores. These gift cards can be used like a debit card at other stores which do not give you a category reward on your credit card.

Savings Breakdown

Here’s how the savings break out. Each card has an activation fee. The fee is $5.95 for the $100 card and $4.95 for the $50 card. If you maxed out this deal on your just for U account, you would have $300 to spend, but only have paid $296.80. That’s $3.20 profit right off the bat.

Maximize Your Rewards

Of course I can’t be satisfied with only $3.20 in profit. I’ll also use a credit card that has a rewards category at grocery stores. Normally for us, that’s the American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card with 6% cash back on up to $6000 per year in the grocery store category. Due to this cap, I try to look for other cards to occasionally mix in, since we will inevitably hit that cap before the end of the year. Right now, we are working on the minimum spending requirement for Bryan’s new Chase World of Hyatt Visa, so we could also use that in order to get us closer to earning the welcome bonus.

So now the math looks like this: $3.20 from Safeway, plus $17.81 cash back on the American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card or meeting the minimum spend on the Chase World of Hyatt Visa.

Check Your Local Store’s Brand

Be sure to clip the coupon to your just for U account and use your number or card at the register to get the discount. If you’re not sure which stores are owned by Albertsons in your area, take a look below. You can find this clickable image here if you scroll to the bottom of the page.


I know I told this the last two times I wrote about this deal, but it’s a good story. I think about it every time I’m buying Visas at Safeway, so I’ll tell it again. Once when I was buying some of these discounted gift cards, the bagger was joking to the clerk about why I would buy them. I told him that since there was a rebate, I was getting them for less than they were worth, and then on top of that, I was getting 6% cash back on my American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card, and I could use them at other places that didn’t have category bonuses or at Walmart to get money orders in place of cash or checks. His young mind was blown, and he told me I was, “Winning!” And he said it several times.

Haha! I’m winning!


  • Paivi Flannery

    I was really excited to get these but then as they rang me up there was a $4.95 processing fee for each card so the $10 savings was paid for the processing fee. No savings at all.

    • Debra Baca

      The $100 cards give you the best savings, but the real trick is to use a credit card that gives you rewards for transactions at grocery stores.

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