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Almond Breeze Movie Ticket Giveaway

Almond Breeze Movie Ticket Giveaway


Heading to a Disney movie this summer? I know I am going to a few of them. If you also buy Almond Breeze products, you could go to the movies on them!

The Deal

All you have to do is buy three Almond Breeze products (32oz or higher) on one receipt. Then go to this website to upload a photo of your receipt. Fandango Rewards will email you a link to your ticket. Print it out and take it with you to the theater box office. You can use it to purchase a movie ticket up to $12 in value. You can do this deal up to four times per household.

Shelf Stable Vs Chilled

I bought three shelf stable cartons of Almond Breeze for us to use on trips (and when we run out at home and no one wants to go to the store). Bryan and I use almond milk on our cereal and in protein shakes. We usually buy larger, chilled containers of almond milk, but we wouldn’t want to buy three of those at once. The shelf stable cartons are great when traveling due to their compact size and no need for refrigeration until opened.

My Experience

It was very easy to use the website to upload my receipt. Today’s longer receipts might pose a problem, but the instructions state that you can fold a receipt if it’s too long, so long as the product, store logo, and date is visible. I must have submitted more than 48 hours before a weekend, because my email arrived promptly on a Monday morning. I did have some confusion in activating my reward because they ask you to validate your email. While the first email states “click here” to redeem, you won’t be able to print it until the second email arrives.

Max Out This Deal

I will do this deal up to the limit of four. I definitely need to look for a sale or go to a store that sells Almond Breeze for cheaper than Safeway. I wonder if Costco stocks the shelf stable version. There are a lot of Disney movies coming up this summer, so it’ll be good to get a few of the tickets on Almond Breeze and Fandango!

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