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Disney Movie Insiders Waives Fees for Frozen 2

Disney Movie Insiders Waives Fees for Frozen 2
Day 38/365

Are you looking to buy your tickets for Frozen 2 online instead of taking your chances at the box office? You’re in luck. For a “limited time” Disney Movie Insiders will pay your convenience fees when you purchase your tickets to Frozen 2 through their website.

Start at Disney Movie Insiders

Log in to your account on Disney Movie Insiders here. Select the date and location where you want to see Frozen 2. Scroll down and choose your theater and time.

Purchase Through Atom

Disney Movie Rewards will then direct you to their interface of the Atom website to purchase your tickets. When you go to checkout, you should see the fees added and then subtracted, courtesy of Disney Movie Insiders.

Link Your Account with Atom

If you haven’t yet, make sure you’ve linked your Disney Movie Insiders account with your Atom account. You can also enter any theater loyalty numbers, like My Harkins Awards. After I see the movie, I’ll get my points for Disney Movie Insiders, and since I bought them online with my connected Atom account, I already have the points from My Harkins Awards. Boom!

Link your Atom account to Disney Movie Insiders
Link your theater loyalty account in Atom

Ready for Frozen 2

We are all set to go see the movie on Saturday, November 23. We’re seeing it with our regular Disney gang: me and the kids, along with my mom and my brothers. It should be a good time. I can clearly remember seeing the first Frozen with our Disney gang and discussing it on the way back home. Ah, memories! Hopefully this one will be good, too. I’m not expecting it to be as good as the first one, since sequels rarely are as good as the original, and this one was exceptional. I’ll reserve judgement until Saturday.

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