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Groupon to the Rescue!

Groupon to the Rescue!


Now that the holidays are over, the length of Winter Break seems to have doubled. Well, not really, but there is the problem of how to keep everyone busy and happy in the remaining days. Luckily we live in a mild climate, so the day after New Year’s, we went to the park all afternoon with the cousins.

“We’re Bored!”

The kids wanted to do something more exciting with the cousins yesterday. They even requested a specific indoor play park, Uptown Jungle. I took to Groupon, and there it was, only $9 per kid for a 90 minute play session. I bought two sets of two for my kids and the two cousins. Unfortunately I forgot to click through a portal and missed out on around $2.88 in cashback. Gah! I hate it when I do that! Cashback Monitor showed that I could have gotten 8% back by going through Swagbucks.

“Wearing Kids Out Since 2014”

This being Winter Break, everyone else had the idea to go to the play park, and the line was out the door. It worked out in our favor, though. Since we checked in just past 2:30, the kids had until 4:30 to play, not just the 90 minutes for which we paid. This play place has trampolines, rock walls, big slides, regular dodgeball games, and a jungle gym that snakes around the rest of the space. The kids were completely worn out by the time we left. Mission accomplished!

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