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Happy Birthday, Southwest!

Happy Birthday, Southwest!


Southwest is celebrating their birthday with a fare sale. Lucky us! Read on to find out all of the details.

Book Early

While the fares will stay the same throughout this sale, your specific flight could sell out its Wanna Get Away seats. You can see all of the routes and restrictions on the sale page. If you need to be convinced to fly with Southwest, check out my Fly Southwest article. This sale goes through June 20, 2019.

Using the Low Fare Calendar

Since sale prices can affect different routes and dates, the best way to check flights is to use Southwest’s Low Fare Calendar. That way you can check a whole month’s worth of fares at once, be it in cash or points.

Lower Your Price

Even if you’ve already booked your flight, you can lower your price even further. I always book one way legs so that I can rebook the one way and not worry if the other leg has dropped in price or not. I’ve had several trips where one leg keeps dropping in price, whereas the other leg stays the same or worse, goes up in price. If I had to rebook because one leg dropped, it may not be to my advantage to try to rebook the round trip due to the other leg not dropping. That’s why I never book round trips, only one ways!

Rebooking Is Easy!

Southwest makes it super simple to change your flight if a new, lower price comes out, or if you want to jockey to a better time or even different day. Simply log in to your account and click on the flight you want to change. You will see a change button. Select the flight and passengers you want to change and voila! You’re rebooked!

Flying Is Easy!

With Southwest, it’s so easy to fly. You get two checked bags per passenger, and their change rules are the best in the business, both of which are unheard of in this day and age of slapping a fee on everything and anything extra. I always take full advantage of the two free checked bags in order to bring our own food and save money.

Boarding Is Easy!

I actually prefer their style of boarding over assigned seats since they allow families with small children to board between A and B groups. Even though my kids have aged out of family boarding, we can always find a row together toward the back of the plane, especially if we get a good boarding position by checking in right at the 24 hour mark. Between those reasons and their low fares and miles values, we almost always fly Southwest.

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