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January Swago

January Swago


Swagbucks launched their newest Swago today, and it comes with a Spin & Win! Yay!

Fill in Your Board

This Swago is not a shopping edition, so it has lots of different activities to complete like surveys, to-do lists, and using the video and mobile apps. As you complete each activity, the squares will fill in when you refresh your browser. The middle square is any gift card purchase, so make sure you complete this activity early in the week since it can take a day or two to process the transaction. You may not be able to complete some squares and others you don’t want to, but you can see which pattern you want to try to achieve. A full board is worth 500 SB, but you can still earn a good bonus with lower level boards. If you aren’t sure about an activity, just click on the small i in the upper right corner of the square for more information.

Spin & Win

While I prefer the ease of the click-throughs for shopping Swagos, this type of Swago comes with a Spin & Win! There are some really nice prizes on the wheel, and I recommend you spin as you earn so that your spins can help you get more SB while you work through the Swago board, like bonuses for Surveys and free rejoins on Swag IQ. I earned a ton of free rejoins in the last Spin & Win, but I am starting to get low since I usually have to use one each game. To get to the Spin & Win page, just click on your Spin count in the upper right hand corner of the Swago page.


If you haven’t joined Swagbucks yet, please use my referral link to sign up! Once you’ve signed up, you can find the Swago page on the menu along the left-hand side of the Swagbucks homepage under Contests.

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