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Mother’s Day Shop Swago

Mother’s Day Shop Swago


Join the Swago game that starts today over on Swagbucks! It’s a Shop Swago, so you can expect lots of click throughs to stores usually with a few other activities to do.

Playing Swago

If you haven’t ever played Swago, it’s like Bingo. Once you complete a square, refresh your browser, and the squares you completed will change color. Take note of the pattern you would like to complete on the right hand side of the board. The “Submit” button will become clickable once you complete each pattern. You may only submit one pattern, so make sure it’s the highest one you can achieve before you hit submit.

Other Activites

The other activities on the board this time around include answering the daily poll, playing Swagbucks LIVE, redeeming a code from the Swagbucks app, linking your first card to SB Local, redeeming a code from the Swag Button, earning SB from Discover on your desktop, and spending $50 or more on a gift card. You will need to download the apps for Swagbucks LIVE, Swagbucks App, and SB Local in order to complete those squares. If you don’t want to download them to your primary phone, you could put them on an old phone (like I recommend here). The Swag Button is an extension on your browser to enter Swag Codes, click through to stores, and it even alerts you to any coupons on the store’s site.

Discover Offer

For the Discover Offer, I recommend finding one about printing coupons. Just make sure that you select “print to PDF” on your printer dialog box so that you don’t waste paper and ink. I’m trying the one from coupons dot com to see if it registers as a Discover Offer for Swago. This time around, I selected three coupons that I might actually use to print on one sheet of paper. There are at least two other coupon-printing Discover Offers, and they seem to have a minimum number to print, so read the box that pops up when you hover over the offer and make sure you use the PDF trick.


If you choose to complete this square, be sure to do so early in the week to allow the transaction to process. You will have to spend at least $50 on a gift card to complete this square. You will get a percentage of SB back on the card, plus a 100 SB bonus. I will probably not complete this square since I don’t need any gift cards, and the bonus is not worth enough to me.

Join Swagbucks, Already!

If you haven’t joined Swagbucks, please use my referral link on the banner below or any of the links in this article. I sincerely appreciate it!

Join Swagbucks!

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