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Second Chance Week on Swagbucks LIVE

Second Chance Week on Swagbucks LIVE
Day 80/365

All this week, you can earn two free rejoins for every game you play on Swagbucks LIVE! Read on to find out all about this fun trivia game on Swagbucks.

Free Rejoins

You can also earn Free Rejoins by inviting other people to play Swagbucks LIVE. Free Rejoins used to be a prize on Spin & Win that came with non-Shop Swago games, and I’d rack up a ton of them that way. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen a Spin & Win in quite some time, so these free rejoins are very valuable. Set an alarm to make sure you play every game this week to bank your ten free rejoins!

Use in the Following Weeks

The Free Rejoins you earn this week are usually available to use next week. However, I have a feeling Swagbucks LIVE will be taking a break for two weeks during the holidays, so you probably won’t get a chance to use them until the new year. I almost always need a Free Rejoin each game, so they are very valuable to me. If I don’t have a Free Rejoin, I’m out. I won’t spend precious SB on rejoining a game not knowing if I will answer any subsequent questions correctly.

Swagbucks LIVE

If you have no idea what I am talking about, Swagbucks LIVE is the app-based game from Swagbucks where you answer 10 trivia questions during a live show. You can win anywhere from $500 to $3000 in SB, or at least a portion of the winnings, depending on how many other people win. Generally, games are at 5pm PST Monday through Thursday, with an easier bonus game at 4pm PST on Mondays.

Swagbucks LIVE Holiday-Themed Games

Since it’s still December, Swagbucks LIVE is celebrating with holiday-themed games this week. I find that I can answer most of the questions, but there is still always one that gets me almost every time. I sometimes regret not rejoining for 17 SB, but I never know if it’s just going to be that one question, or if there will be another not-so-obvious one lurking around the corner.

Play Swagbucks LIVE

So what are you waiting for? Download Swagbucks LIVE and play for yourself. Heck, maybe you will get an easy game and win $1000!

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