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Swagbucks LIVE on Easy Street for September

Swagbucks LIVE on Easy Street for September


On today’s Swagbucks LIVE, they announced that Easy Street is back for the whole month of September! That means that every game will have relatively easy questions to answer, instead of progressively harder games as the week goes on.

Still Not Exactly Easy

I only got one question wrong each game today, so I guess it was easier. I generally win more often than not on Monday games because they are easier, so we shall see as we get further into this first week if the questions are, indeed, easier. Sometimes the wrong answers are outright laughable if you know ANYthing about the subject matter, but I suppose some people might still get tripped up on a question that seems laughably easy to another person.

Download the App

Games are held at 5:00pm PT, Monday through Thursday, so you have a few more chances this week to play. Also, they do a warm-up game on Mondays at 4:00pm PT, so definitely tune in for that. You can earn Free Rejoins by inviting others to play. Here’s my referral link, and here’s the link to the article I wrote about SwagIQ, which is what it was called before Swagbucks LIVE. (I liked the name SwagIQ better, by the way.) A few things have changed since then, namely the name of the app and that there are no longer games on Friday at noon, besides the fact that we haven’t seen a Spin & Win for several months.

Play Today!

The next game is at 5:00pm PT tomorrow. Download the app right now, and check when 5:00pm PT will be in your time zone. I’m excited to play this month and see if I can get to Easy Street!

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