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Swagbucks Member Recognition Program

Swagbucks Member Recognition Program


Last month, Swagbucks announced a new member recognition program that rewards its members depending on the level of SB they’ve earned since joining the program. Like any elite program, the more you participate, the higher tier you land, and you’re rewarded with better perks.

Level 6

I landed in Topaz, between 100,000 and 250,000 lifetime SB. Now, this is after being a member for around four years, so it’s unlikely I’m moving up a level anytime soon. However, I am happy that they are rewarding their members, and maybe it will give me the motivation I need to step up my Swagging game!

Benefits of Topaz

Level 6 comes with a couple of nice perks. Most of them are one-off, use ’em or lose ’em type rewards. As you can see, I get Swag Ups from a redemption, Shop activity, and two Gold Survey completions. Who knows if I’ll use them. I thought the best perk here was the same-day delivery of a redemption gift card. However, it looks like the fine print excludes Visas, which I almost exclusively redeem for these days.

Leveling Up

I guess the lesson here is to level up. Keep striving for that next carrot. Ruby and Diamond tiers get 15,000 and 25,000 SB respectively when they hit that level. I guess the rich just keep getting richer, even in the Swagbucks world!

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