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Swago on the Seashore

Swago on the Seashore


Go over to Swagbucks today to join July’s Swago! You can find it on the left side menu under Promotions. Gosh darn it if it doesn’t have a Spin & Win, but it can still earn you some nice bonus points.

Playing Swago

Swago is like the game Bingo, with squares to complete. Each square is a different activity on Swagbucks. Once you complete the square, it will color in as soon as you refresh your browser. If you look along the right side of the board, you can see which pattern you would like to complete. Don’t submit until you are ready because you can only submit once!

Swago Board

This Swago comes with an “All Except Center Square” pattern so you don’t have to buy a gift card in order to get a high return. Of course, they’ve made that center square easier since you can get any gift card instead of at least $50. (Although the minimum they sell is still $25.) Be sure to get your gift card early if you are going to complete that square since the transaction may take up to two days to process. You do have until Monday, July 29th at 11:59pm to submit your board, so you have plenty of time this round.

No Spin & Win

I am really missing Spin & Win! There were so many great prizes on the wheel like free rejoins for Swagbucks LIVE, bonus surveys, Swag Ups on redemptions, and just plain old bonus SB. They really teased us by bringing it back last month and then taking it away again!

Join Swagbucks!

If you click on one of the referral links in this post, you can sign up for Swagbucks, too. I will get a referral bonus, and you will get a sign-up bonus. Win-win!

Join Swagbucks!

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