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[Expired] Cornucopia Collector’s Bills

[Expired] Cornucopia Collector’s Bills

Day 45/365

This week on Swagbucks, you could win some fun Collector’s Bills on Search. If you win all six bills, you earn an SB bonus!

Swagbucks Search

Instead of relying on Google to search the internet, you can use Swagbucks Search and earn SB instead. While I do count on Google for most things, if I have a simple search, I will try to use Swagbucks instead. You can randomly win SB for a Search with Swagbucks, so why not?

Collector’s Bills

Every month, Swagbucks offers special Search win bills in a variety of designs. This month’s theme is Cornucopia to get us ready for Thanksgiving. Each “bill” is worth a different amount, and you can win them each more than once, which could prove unfortunate because once you find all six bills, you earn a 20 SB bonus! I would hate to “waste” a win on a duplicate!

Limited Time

Collector’s Bills are only available for one week, starting at 12:00am November 11, and running through 11:59pm on November 17, 2019. You can keep track of your Collector’s Bills on your Swagbucks Activity page under the Collector Bill tab. Check back often, as Swagbucks likes to add in one-off Collector’s Bills for random (and not-so-random) holidays as well. Beef up those searches on Swagbucks and collect those bills!

Join Swagbucks!

If you haven’t joined Swagbucks, please use my referral link on the banner below or any of the links in this article. I’ll get a bonus for pointing you in the right direction, and you’ll get a bonus for signing up. Win-win!

Join Swagbucks!

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