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DOSH Is Turning Two

DOSH Is Turning Two


DOSH is having an anniversary this weekend, and they are celebrating by increasing the cash back they offer at a few stores by, you guessed it, 2%. I am most interested in the increased amount at Staples. Let’s see why…

Fee-Free Visas at Staples

Starting on Sunday, May 5, through Saturday, May 11, 2019, you can pick up a $200 Visa at Staples with the activation fee waived. This is a great way to pick up some Ultimate Rewards using your Chase Ink Business Plus or Chase Ink Business Cash that earns 5x at office supply stores. While the Plus is no longer available, you could apply for the Chase Ink Business Preferred and then downgrade to the no-fee Cash version, so long as you have a premium Ultimate Rewards earner like the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

Using DOSH

Download the DOSH app and link the credit card you will use in the store on the transaction. I will be using my Chase Ink Business Plus, but the AMEX SimplyCash Plus Business card also has a 5x category bonus at office supply stores. The limit on this deal is $5 cash back each day, so the $200 Visa will only earn $5 and not $10. If you decide to buy a different gift card, choose a combination of cards up to $100 to max out this deal. You can even hit it twice this weekend if you go Saturday and Sunday, just remember that Visas aren’t on sale until Sunday. Their terms do say gift cards are excluded, but data points online point to the contrary, so your miles may vary on this deal.


For some reason, this deal doesn’t start until tomorrow (Saturday), even though the email DOSH sent out yesterday states “through Sunday,” but it also puts the contradictory language of “this weekend,” so I suppose that would only be strictly Saturday and Sunday, and it’s not active in the DOSH app today (Friday). If you are getting fee-free Visas, wait until Sunday when those go on sale. If you are getting regular gift cards or merchandise, you could hit this deal both on Saturday and Sunday for $100 since you can get up to $5 back each day. The terms state that gift cards are excluded, but many people report that they have gotten cash back on gift card purchases. It also says that your cash back won’t be available until the week of May 13.

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