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End of the Month, July Edition

End of the Month, July Edition

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Summer is halfway through, and here it is, the end of July already. I have a list of things I always do at the end of the month to get ready for the next month. Here we go…

Grocery Store Rewards

This month, I didn’t have any gas rewards that were expiring, and I don’t like to use rewards on gas unless I have 10 at once for $1.00 off a full tank of gas. I love that they introduced “Grocery Rewards” so that I don’t always have to scramble each month to “use them or lose them,” and instead have some choices. Since our tank holds 17 gallons, and each reward is worth 10¢ per gallon discount on gas, I value each reward at $1.70. I try to pick grocery rewards that will get at least close to that value if I don’t have enough to get a full $1.00 per gallon of gas. Last month, I must have really run the tank out of gas before stopping because it took over 18 gallons!

Expiring Offers and Coupons

The end of the month seems to be the ideal date for coupons and other deals to expire. Time to clean out the coupon book and check for other deals that might be expiring. July isn’t as busy a month as June, but I did have some Amex Offers for gas that expire 8/1/2019, so I’ll have to time it just right during our trip to finish them off.

Swagbucks $25 Virtual Visa

Each month, I try to earn enough Swagbucks for at least one $25 Virtual Visa at a discount of 13% or 2175 SB. I was able to redeem this month and even have a good balance built up due to a couple of big Discover offers. I hate that I missed last month’s discounted card because now I’ll have too many and carry a balance into next month.

Disney Movie Rewards Challenges

Be sure to play any Disney Challenges you have not yet attempted this month on Disney Movie Rewards. There was a new one that came out on July 15, plus the Marvel Challenge from the beginning of the month. You can add five bonus points to your account for each game you play. There are three every month, so you can add 15 points each month by playing all of them. If you are not sure whether you played a game or not, you can always check under My DMR after you sign in.

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