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Stack Offers for Up to 60% off at Macaroni Grill

Stack Offers for Up to 60% off at Macaroni Grill


Get ready to stack up some great offers to save serious money on yummy take-out food from Macaroni Grill.

The Deal

This deal is a two parter. First, add the Amex Offer to your account for $10 off $30. Order your take-out online to pick up in the store. You’ll need at least $50 worth of food to make this deal work. Use the code SUMMER20 to save $20 on your order and reduce the total to at least $30. Pick up your food at the restaurant and pay with your card to trigger your Amex Offer. You just got $50 worth of food for $20. Bon appetit!

Checking Your Offers

Every week when I do my budget, I have American Express open in one of my Budget browser tabs. (Why does Chrome ask me if I really want to open 19 more tabs? Yes, I want to have as many tabs open as I need, dang it!) Anyway, we have three American Express cards: Blue Cash Preferred, Hilton Surpass, and Bonvoy Business. Each of them qualify for Amex Offers, and although most offers are the same across all of the cards, they do vary a bit, for instance, getting targeted on the business cards for more business-like expenses.

Saving Money

It used to be that you could add offers to each card (owner, plus authorized users) individually using an incognito browser. Ahh, those were the good old days, especially when they had an offer like Spend $25 at Smart & Final and get $25 Back Times 3, or even the more recent one of Spend $25 at Starbucks, get $5 Back would be valuable to hit as many times as possible. However, Amex caught on, and now you can only add each offer to one card, either owner or authorized user. I recommend having a separate login for each authorized user still, because then you can choose who gets which offer. However, I have also noticed that they can vary from card owner to authorized user even.


The links in this article are referrals from me or Bryan. You can choose which card you apply for, even if it’s not the same one we have. We will get bonus points for referring you, and you will get whatever bonus is available for that card. Win-win!

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