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New Format for Swagbucks’ iSpy on Twitter

New Format for Swagbucks’ iSpy on Twitter
Day 116/365

This morning, Swagbucks unveiled a new format for their popular monthly game of iSpy on Twitter. Read on to find out how to participate in this game going forward.

No More Twitter Tuesday

While iSpy could fall on a Tuesday, it may just as well end up being on any other weekday. Instead of one day a month with lots of iSpy clues, Swagbucks is moving to one iSpy clue per week that could be released at any time, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9am PT to 4pm PT. This should keep us on our toes!

Same Old iSpy

The game is remaining the same. Swagbucks will tweet out a clue, and then the first 10,000 Swaggernauts to enter the answer as a Swag Code will be awarded with a predetermined SB win. Follow the steps below to ensure you are ready for the next iSpy game, whenever it may be!

Follow Swagbucks

The first thing to do is follow Swagbucks on Twitter. They will first tweet a warning that they are going to be giving out a clue with the parameters for entering the answer and how much SB the clue is worth. Then they will tweet the clue. In a little while, they will tweet out the answer and a little tidbit of information about the topic. It’s fun, AND you get to learn something, too! Make sure you turn on notifications when you follow Swagbucks on Twitter so that you can have a quick heads up that a clue is coming.

Click the Clue

Click the clue in the tweet even if you know the answer. You could end up earning a win for the search as well. Double bonus! Plus, you will know for sure what the answer is. Although, I suppose if you know the answer, you should enter it as quickly as possible to beat out all the other players! You could always click the clue later to see if you can win a search.

Enter the Answer

On the Swag Button, in the Swagbucks App, or in the Swag Code box on the Swagbucks home page, enter the answer in all caps as quickly as you can since you are competing for one of only 10,000 wins each round.

Starting This Week

Swagbucks replied to a Twitter user this morning clarifying that they are starting the new format of the game this week, so be sure to set your notifications and have your fingers ready with your caps lock on!

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